Vision of Christ Crucified

9 minutes

Katherine shares her first-hand account of Christ crucified– suspended opposite Him as if a reflection of one in a mirror. This account correlates with Hosea’s prophecy and is graphic in nature, please be advised.

Vision of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

9 minutes

Katherine shares her first-hand account of Christ struggling in the Garden of the Gethsemane as He weighed impending death.

Dying Man Unplugged From Ventilator RecoverS After Prayer

36 Minute

Quarantined dying man unplugged from life support surprises doctors with a full recovery one day after receiving prayer. Katherine Elaine tells her emotional testimony of how she was forewarned by God and would then  pray for her father on his deathbed. This podcast goes into the detail  of his miraculous recovery.

About Us

Katherine Elaine Berger

Starting in early childhood, Katherine’s eyes were opened by the Holy Spirit to receive detailed visions of Christ’s life on earth and now in resurrection glory. In her youth, visions and encounters given to Katherine directly correlated with Biblical accounts before she was knowledgeable of them. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to reveal the Father’s eternal purposes, by illuminating Christ’s testimony on how to overcome the world. Katherine shares from experiences given by Jesus— knowledge taught to her of His Kingdom and how it is manifested within anyone who has an open heart to receive.
Todd Berger

Todd is a lover of Christ obsessed with leading others into His presence. As an international recording artist for Enter The Worship Circle, he has led worship events and ministered in both traditional and non-denominational congregations. He has also planted a church and pastored on staff locally.


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